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Hunters are becoming more and more demanding about what they want from their taxidermists. Some think the head’s too narrow, some think the head’s too fat, some think it should have more of a roman nose, some think it should have a dewlap on its lower jawline. In addition to different lines of truly unique poses, Revolution forms give you the option of choosing your own head configuration depending on the geographical region many of your deer come from; Revolution offers solutions to your personal likes and features that can make the mounting process easier. These choices include slim faces, broader northern faces, deep jawlines, roman noses, dewlaps, pre-sculpted ear butts and more! We call this collection of available solutions the Custom Techno Head Options. These options are listed in our sizing charts featured throughout this section with a far more detailed explanation here. For the taxidermist who prefers to save time setting eyes, Revolution offers several series of different forms using the name of "Accufast" - click here for more information. Please note: Accufast forms require the use of Accufast Eyes which are a different shape entirely from our round eyes. Like our round eyes, all Accufast eyes are of the highest quality glass. Revolution offers several ways to pose ears (both forward, both back, one forward and one back) when using our Ultimate Pro Ear Butts - click here for more information.

Add realism to your whitetail with our premium quality Whitetail Glass Eyes, including the McKenzie - Joe Meder deer eyes and a McKenzie Wall Habitat®.

Don't forget to make use of our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail shoulder mannikins you buy, the more you save on freight! The complete details can be viewed by clicking the link for the Whitetail Savings Club.


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