Wayne Cooper Fish Flex Eyes™


Wayne Cooper Flex Eyes™ are a popular selection for fish eyes. The eyes feature a black pupil with gold ring and are painted a lighter color to enhance expression. These innovative eyes can be compressed and inserted while fish is still wet. They are anatomically correct in color and shape and can be freely adjusted for increased expression. Their flexibility allows them to conform perfectly to the eye orbit. Paint over the top of the Flex Eyes™ to blend to color of the fish's head. Competition quality eyes that are non-breakable and priced for commercial use. Sold per pair.

Tip for measuring Flex Eyes: Measure eye socket after fish is skinned; the iris is the same size as our glass eyes. The overall flex eye is larger than the eye socket, therefore, the scleral band will not show all the way around.

A diverse selection of reproduction fish and fish forms, pre-finished river rock scenes and artificial driftwood is available to complete your fish mounting needs.

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