Replica Baitfish

Replica Baitfish - Great for 3D Displays!


These replica baitfish were developed by Don Franks and have unbelievable detail. They are injection molded from an unbreakable, transparent plastic. Unpainted baitfish are ready to finish. No flashing to remove, no grinding necessary! The unpainted baitfish can be heated and positioned in different poses (instructions included). Baitfish have identical scale detail on both sides.

Add realism to your mount with our premium quality glass eyes for fish. The McKenzie Artificial Driftwood, Pre-Finished Rock Wall Scenes and Pre-Finished Habitat Bases offer highly detailed, dramatic options for displaying fish mounts.

McKenzie offers a variety of How To Instructions for mounting on fish manikins, airbrushing and working with fish reproductions.

  Item # SpeciesColorSizePrice  
BGUPBluegill, BreamUnpainted4 1/4 Inch$17.10Buy Online
CUPCrappieUnpainted4 3/8 Inch$15.00Buy Online
WYPUPWalleye / Yellow PerchUnpainted5 3/8 Inch$17.10Buy Online
MUPShiner MinnowUnpainted4 Inch$17.10Buy Online
BGRLBluegill - Bream, RTShow Side Painted4 1/4 Inch$32.10Buy Online
WCPWhite Crappie, RT or LTBoth sides Painted4 3/8 Inch$32.10Buy Online
BCPBlack Crappie, RTShow Side Painted4 3/8 Inch$32.10Buy Online
YPPYellow Perch, LT or RTBoth Sides Painted5 3/8 Inch$32.10Buy Online
MPMinnow, RT or LTPainted on Both Sides4 Inch$29.95Buy Online
GSUGizzard ShadUnpainted6 3/4 Inch$25.70Buy Online
GSPGizzard Shad, RT or LTPainted on Both Sides6 3/4 Inch$36.40Buy Online
PSCFCrayfish - SwimmingPainted3 1/2 Inch (Approximately)$44.95Buy Online
PWCFCrayfish - WalkingPainted4 1/2 Inch (Approximately)$44.95Buy Online
CS55Crayfish - SwimmingPainted5 Inch$44.95Buy Online
SS55Crayfish - SwimmingPainted5 1/2 Inch$44.95Buy Online
RBT7UPRainbow TroutUnpainted7 Inch$21.40Buy Online
RBTPRainbow TroutPainted on Both Sides7 Inch$34.25Buy Online
M7UPMullet Unpainted7 Inch$21.40Buy Online
M7PMulletPainted on Both Sides7"$29.95Buy Online