World Class Fish Eyes by World Champion Tyler Erickson


The new World Class fish eyes are here! McKenzie has teamed up with World Champion Tyler Erickson to develop the most accurate fish eyes to ever hit the market. To complement the latest top quality fish reproductions offered by McKenzie, Tyler's World Class Eyes are produced with a distinct right and left eye, adding yet another level of realism to your reproduction or skin mount!

These ultra realistic eyes feature species specific “signature” patterns, colors, and bright iridescence on new, anatomically correct lenses. Crystal clear glass makes them bright and extremely easy to clean. For unique species that require hand painting, try one of the new lenses with pre-existing pupils. The flat internal iris surface makes them much easier to paint than traditional curved lens.

”Try a pair today, they are truly 'World Class!'”
- World Champion Tyler Erickson

A diverse selection of reproduction fish and fish forms, pre-finished river rock scenes and artificial driftwood is available to complete your fish mounting needs.

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