Tyler Erickson's World Class Fish Reproductions


Great News! World Champion Tyler Erickson has partnered with McKenzie to bring his incredible reproductions and products to market. We now have 125 different world class replicas available, stocked, and ready to ship.

Tyler’s attention to extreme detail defines World Class Replicas. They feature the best scale detail, anatomy, and fin detail on the market. Each fin set is specifically fit and molded for each fish. Bodies are pre slotted for quick and easy fin attachment. There are no seams to be sanded and finished, and like our existing Arp 3D Replicas, all heads come pre-attached! Order one today and see why so many are switching to the new World Class Replicas as their go-to source.

Pair with the New World Class Epoxy, World Class Fish Eyes, and World Class Scale Tipping Paint, for the most efficient, high quality comprehensive fish system in the taxidermy industry. The McKenzie Artificial Driftwood and Pre-Finished Habitat Bases offer highly detailed, dramatic options for displaying fish mounts.

They truly are World Class!

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