Baboon Glass Eyes

Baboon eyes are offered in popular styles and sizes. Sold per pair.

AFE2 Series: Van Dyke's African/Exotic glass eyes are a premium quality aspheric shaped lens. The eyes feature soft marbleized veins, a white scleral band with red veining at the corners of each eye and precise species coloration.

Competition Series: Realistic looking glass eyes have a larger pupil and a corneal bulge and feature a beautiful marble veining with true color in both the iris and the scleral. This competition mammal eye is a must for your Baboon mount!

ASPW Series: Aspheric glass eyes feature a natural marbleized veining with realistic colors and a white scleral band, approximately 4-5 mm.

Tohickon Series: Baboon eyes have a round pupil with black band surrounding outer edge. (Size given is for iris-base is larger).

Mount by Todd Rapalee

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