Whitetail Floor / Table Pedestals

Whitetail Floor and Table Pedestal Forms


McKenzie Taxidermy Supply offers Whitetail floor / table shoulder manikins by some of the most talented and knowledgeable sculptor taxidermists in the industry. Our Whitetail manikins feature innovative designs, exceptional detail, quality foam and are offered in a wide range of sizes and turns.

McKenzie offers several styles of flexible pedestal backs to give your pedestal mount a finished look! We've got a great selection and variety of floor pedestal bases, pre-finished habitat bases and table pedestals that will accent your mount beautifully.

Add realism to your whitetail with our premium quality Whitetail Glass Eyes, including the McKenzie - Joe Meder deer eyes.

Be sure to remember our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail shoulder manikins you buy, the more you save on freight! The complete details can be viewed by clicking the link for the Whitetail Savings Club.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
98FP-7019R7 19 18 21 1/2 RT - Light Swell NeckM30AS - M30PR$105.60Buy Online
98FP-7120R7 1/4 20 19 22 1/2RT - Light Swell NeckM30AS - M30PR$107.40Buy Online
98FP-7121R7 1/4 2119 1/223 1/2 RT - Medium Swell NeckM30AS - M30PR$108.25Buy Online
HD-7017RFP7171618RTM30AS - M30PR$98.75Buy Online
HD-7121LFP7 1/42118 1/222LTM32AS - M32PR$108.25Buy Online
HD-7123LFP7 1/4232024 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$111.05Buy Online
HD-7222LFP7 1/2222024 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$109.70Buy Online
HD-7324RFP7 3/4242126RTM32AS - M32PR$112.30Buy Online
HD-8025RFP82521 1/227RTM32AS - M32PR$112.30Buy Online
PED-346 1/21716 1/218 1/2RTM30AS - M30PR$102.20Buy Online
PED-6471917 1/222RTM32AS - M32PR$110.75Buy Online
PD-217717 1/217 1/4RTM32AS - M32PR$102.80Buy Online
PD-98717 1/217 1/4LTM30AS - M30PR$102.80Buy Online
PD-21671918 1/2RTM32AS - M32PR$105.20Buy Online
PD-7971918 3/4LTM32AS - M32PR$105.20Buy Online
PD-92719 1/218 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$107.75Buy Online
PD-1007 1/420 1/219 3/4RT, Head Down, AggressiveM32AS - M32PR$107.75Buy Online
PD-2157 1/42120 1/4RTM32AS - M32PR$107.75Buy Online
PD-747 1/42120 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$107.75Buy Online
FD-30042 5/86 1/413 1/2LT, Laying, CM (Fawn)20mmWT$73.10Buy Online
FD-300936 1/416RT, Laying, CM (Fawn)20mmWT$76.60Buy Online