Arp 3-D System Reproductions


The Arp 3-D Fish System is ready in minutes right out of the box - attach the fins, paint it and deliver it immediately! Transparent semi-rigid fins can be heated & bent to any shape. Excellent mouth detail. Most realistic gills on the market! The recommended eye size is based on Wayne Cooper Flex Eyes for fish. Watch our Free Arp 3D Online Video with Mike Gillis explaining the steps of using an Arp 3D fish reproduction.

  • No Seams!
  • No Grinding!
  • No Fiberglass Dust!

Add realism to your mount with our premium quality glass eyes for fish. The McKenzie Artificial Driftwood and Pre-Finished Habitat Bases offer highly detailed, dramatic options for displaying fish mounts.

McKenzie offers a comprehensive variety of How To Instructions for mounting on fish manikins, airbrushing and working with fish reproductions.

View: How To Measure Arp 3-D Fish

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