McKenzie Whitetail Deer Glass Eyes


Through customer requests and the continuous study of live deer, we offer color variations for several of our Whitetail Eye Series. Whitetail deer, just like humans, have eye colorations that can vary because of age, location, habitat and genetics.

The McKenzie-Joe Meder eye is a prime example of McKenzie innovation combined with Van Dyke's state of the art eye manufacturing. We combined the talent of Joe Meder and Roger Martin at McKenzie to produce the greatest innovation in glass eyes in many years. This revolutionary eye was cast by Joe Meder from a real deer eye to produce a superior shape. Then, through a patented innovation by Roger Martin that captures and reflects light to create a live 3-D effect, it became the first eye to truly look liquid in the iris like a "live" Whitetail!

We are excited to offer the McKenzie-Joe Meder Deer Eyes with our innovative, patented breakthrough effect called Liquid Lens Technology (Liquid Lens Technology glass eyes are covered under US Patent No.: 8,944,878 B2).

View: McKenzie/Joe Meder Eye Video

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