Alligator Mouth Inserts

Mouth Inserts for Alligators


Flexible Alligator Mouth Inserts

Our line of reptile supplies includes a large selection of life-size alligator forms, alligator back shells and alligator glass eyes.

M: Size from inside lower jaw to corner of mouth.

Length: Approximate length of alligator.

Consider McKenzie's excellent selection of habitat! Not only habitat material, but artificial wood, artificial rocks and pre-finished habitat bases which can serve as a base or exciting setting for your mount.

  Item # MLengthPrice  
AM18 1/2 Inch8 1/2 FT - 9 1/2 FT$96.95Buy Online
AM29 Inch9 FT - 10 FT$96.95Buy Online
AM39 1/2 Inch10 FT - 11 FT$96.95Buy Online
AM410 Inch9 FT - 10 1/2 FT$96.95Buy Online
AM512 1/2 Inch11 1/2 FT - 12 1/2 FT$96.95Buy Online
AM613 Inch12 FT - 13 FT $96.95Buy Online