Coyote Glass Eyes


Bring your Coyote mount to "life" with our premium quality glass eyes. The eyes are offered in popular styles and sizes.

ASPW Series: Van Dyke's aspheric lens featuring a natural marbleized veining with realistic coloration. These premium quality glass eyes have a white scleral band, 4mm to 5mm wide.

Competition Series: Developed by Van Dyke's Eye Division in response to customer demand. These realistic looking Coyote eyes feature a larger pupil, corneal bulge and beautiful marble veining with true color in the iris and sclera.

3NV Series: Manufactured in house with the finest glass available. This Van Dyke's series features a concave / convex lens and highly detailed veining without a white scleral band.

Van Dyke's glass eyes are created to our exacting specifications for consistency and quality for each eye produced. Sold per pair.

McKenzie Supply offers a comprehensive selection of accessories to set eyes, as well as a full line of supplies and materials you have come to expect. We also have a category of How-To's devoted to Eyes.

Mount by Rick Carter

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