Plant Life Preservative

Plant Life Preservatives by Knoblochs


Plant Life Preservative by Knoblochs is a ready-to-use product that will enhance the landscape of any habitat mount. This great product offers you an efficient and economical alternative over artificial foliage. Plant Life Preservative will preserve grasses, trees, shrubs and some flowers. Once preserved, your plants will remain soft and pliable for many years. Plant Life Preservative is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and can be taken into the field where plants are being harvested. Contains no bacteria. Available in seven colors and clear.

This is a preservation solution for natural grasses, shrubs, flowers and small trees up to six feet tall. Plant Life Preservative permanently preserves plants, keeping them soft and realistic, while dying them in bright, non-fading colors from the inside out! It can be used on moss, cottonwood, cedar, cattails; you name it! The easy-to-use formula will do wonders to enhance the realism of your habitats. Shipped pre-mixed and ready to use. Simply shake, pour into an open container, and place the stems of your freshly cut living plants in the solution. In one to six days the solution will be absorbed through the stem into the leaves, removing all the natural sugars and replacing them with a permanent preservative. You can use fresh-cut tree branches, preserve and dye with the yellow or red solution, and give your plants an autumn look forever. You can freely mix the colors to produce any custom color.

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  Item # DescriptionSizeNCOPrice  
PLPBLQPlant Life Preservative - BlueQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPBRQPlant Preservative - BrownQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPCQPlant Life Preservative - ClearQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPDGQPlant Life Preservative - Dark GreenQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPLGQPlant Life Preservative - Light GreenQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPOQPlant Life Preservative - OrangeQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPRQPlant Life Preservative - RedQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPYQPlant Life Preservative - YellowQuart$17.60Buy Online
PLPCPPlant Life Preservative - ClearPintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLP710Plant Life Preservative - BrownPintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLP410Plant Life Preservative - BlueBlueYes$10.20Buy Online
PLPDGPPlant Life Preservative - Dark GreenPintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLPLGPPlant Life Preservative - Light GreenPintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLP520Plant Life Preservative - Light GreenGallonYes$44.75Buy Online
PLPRPPlant Life Preservative - RedPintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLPYPPlant Life Preservative - YellowPintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLP210Plant Life Preservative - OrangePintYes$10.20Buy Online
PLP620Plant Life Preservative - Dark GreenGallonYes$44.75Buy Online