About McKenzie Taxidermy Supply

Innovation fills a need

Over forty-eight years ago McKenzie Supply was born in a small cinderblock building in Larry McKenzie’s back yard. The entire motivation behind this humble beginning was a need Larry saw in the taxidermy industry. That need was for a taxidermy form that was lightweight, durable, easily altered and above all, looked like a Whitetail deer. This quest for the ultimate taxidermy form resulted in pioneering work with polyurethane foams at those early facilities. Responding to the needs of the taxidermist was the foundation of the company and is still the driving force today.

Serving you fairly and promptly

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply has always had the philosophy that our customers want to be given the same respect and service we look for when dealing with a company. For this reason, you will find our customer service department to be the very best you can find. The office staff is courteous and efficient. They truly enjoy helping you and getting to know you. With our toll-free telephone number and extended office hours, we are available at your convenience. For late night and weekend callers, our voice mail system guarantees the ability to receive your orders and comments continually 365 days a year. We continually update our online store to keep up with product listings and to provide you the best, most efficient way of ordering exactly what you need, when you need it. Our 24 hour shipping is unequaled in the industry with each order received by 12 p.m. being shipped that same working day. That is what we would expect. That is what we offer you.

Listening to our customers

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply has become the recognized leader in the taxidermy industry because we continually listen to our customers. Customer input is critical to the growth, development, and design of McKenzie forms and product listings. We attend state, regional, and national trade shows to hear your comments. We solicit your comments through the use of occasional surveys. We also listen to you when ordering or calling for technical assistance. Anytime, anywhere we receive a customer response, we take it seriously.

Creative staff among the most respected in the industry

The sculptors, taxidermists, and suppliers used by McKenzie are among the most knowledgeable, talented and innovative individuals in the industry. Dennis Behn has achieved the well earned reputation as the premier authority concerning North American and African game animals anatomy and sculpting, creating some of the most realistic forms you could ever imagine. Roger Martin has created life-size and half life-size forms with a sense of realism that makes the finished mount come to life. Suppliers such as Tyler Erickson, Bill Neuman, Tommy Hall, Joe Ferebee, Jr. and Tom Sexton have been recognized for excellence in their respective specialties. Olaus Lyons, Vincent Fleming and Justin Hinson are amongst the best technical support taxidermists you will find. What makes these individuals even more valuable to the industry is the fact that they all freely share their wealth of knowledge in trade publications and through various state, regional, and national seminars.

Products continually evaluated

Our research and development staff is continually testing and evaluating products to be added to our supply catalog and Online Store. A product doesn’t make it on those pages unless it has passed a thorough review and been proven to perform as stated. Whether you are looking for tanning supplies, thread and needles, habitat display, panels, glass eyes, fleshers, or a vast array of taxidermy supplies for your shop, McKenzie Supply has the supplies that you can trust as being effective because we guarantee everything we sell.

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply has built a reputation as being a leader in the industry. That hard earned reputation is based on honesty, innovation and excellence. We continually strive for the best we can do because we know that you will expect nothing less. Give McKenzie Taxidermy Supply a chance to be your supply company. You won’t find a company that will work harder for you.

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