Life-Size Replicas by Joe Morgan


Morgan reptile replicas are the standard for the industry. These life-size replicas are cast using an intricate process that allows the reptiles to look like they are literally alive. Wires are cast into each toe or claw to give them extra strength. A minor flashing at the base is the only clean up you have to do to ready the replica for painting. Each replica comes complete with a detailed paint chart to aid in the painting process. Many of these replicas are endangered species but the original specimens were obtained legally for use as a reproduction. They can be used in habitat scenes, in schools for educational purposes, and in zoos for identification. Replicas come unfinished with the flange still on. Some that are on bases have little or no dressing down required. The bottoms of most replicas are foam for easy dressing down with a Dremel Tool. The eyes can also be simply ground out, replacing them with glass reptile eyes, secured with epoxy. The replicas are then ready to prime and paint. For small replicas the eyes can be painted directly on the replica with a spot of gloss or epoxy for a very realistic effect.

Consider McKenzie's excellent selection of habitat! Not only habitat material, but artificial wood and artificial rocks which can serve as a base for your replica or as an exciting backdrop for your mount.

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