Reproduction Fish

McKenzie offers reproduction fish from leading fish taxidermists. The Arp 3D line series is known as the most highly detailed, easiest to use reproduction fish form on the market. These forms can be prepped and ready to paint in minutes. Two other exceptional series of reproductions offered are the Original Arp line and the Natural Cast fish reproductions. Created by some of the leading fish specialists in the country, you won’t be disappointed in the quality and natural look. The Matt Thompson line of fish reproductions covers a vast array of species. Though this series requires a bit more prep time to complete there is bound to be a reproduction you need especially for saltwater fish.

To add more realism to your diorama are exceptional small fish, crayfish and shrimp reproductions offered by Don Franks series of "Baitfish". Offered in finished and unfinished versions the detail of these baitfish are spectacular. Also offered are Freeze Dried fish for several species. We are proud of this selection of reproduction fish and the options available. Best of all, most are in stock and ready to ship!

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