Caribou Glass Eyes

Premium quality glass eyes for Caribou mounts by Van Dyke's and Tohickon.

Natural Eyes™: Glass eyes feature a soft marbleized veining blended with accurate coloration. The shape and perfect coloration result in the most natural eye for Caribou on the market.

Bio Optix II Series:Premium quality aspheric shaped lens. The glass eyes feature marbleized veining with natural, realistic colorations and have a white sclera band approximately 4 to 6 mm wide on the outside of the eye.

Pre-Rotated II Series: A premium quality aspheric shaped lens with marbleized veining blended with realistic colorations. A white scleral band encompasses 3/4 of the circumference.

AFE Series: The African/Exotic Caribou eye series is a premium quality concave/convex shaped lens with high quality veining and coloration without a white band. Suitable for commercial or competition mounts.

Tohickon Series: Offering two white banded styles and two no band styles in popular sizes and coloration.

Mount by Phil Helms

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