Van Dyke's Whitetail Glass Eyes "The Standard of Excellence"


Through customer requests and continuous study of live deer, we offer color variations for several of the Whitetail eye series. Many of the eye styles offer four color versions. The "light" version features a caramel brown colored iris, the "medium" (or "deer") has a medium brown coloration, the "dark" is a dark brown and the "deer/antelope" version is a very dark brown with a slight hint of red. In general, the lighter the eye, the easier it is to see the pupil. As the eye coloration gets darker, the pupil is blended into the overall color until finally, in the deer/antelope version, it is hard to identify the veins and the pupil.

Van Dyke's glass eyes are created to our exacting specifications for consistency and quality for each eye produced. Eyes are sold per pair.

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