Still Life Fish Eyes by Jeff Lumsden


Unleash your creativity with fish eyes that become an original work of art!

Have you ever wished for a fish eye that was the proper oval shape, with a full sclera that came in odd sizes, too? That offered any reflective color scheme you could imagine, with pupils in every shape and size? Jeff Lumsden has come up with the answer. Jeff's patented crystal clear lens design has all the unique anatomical features found to give a fish eye its beautiful characteristics. This unique product offers the fish enthusiast all of these qualities rolled together in one gorgeous blank lens! Now you can paint any specie any size from 10mm to 18mm with a full sclerotic capsule and an unbelievable iris and pupil shelf that when painted, promises to be amongst the most realistic fish eyes achievable!

A diverse selection of reproduction fish and fish forms, pre-finished river rock scenes and artificial driftwood is available to complete your fish mounting needs.

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