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Bird Taxidermy Videos - A great addition to your video library!

McKenzie taxidermy videos are of the highest quality. Learn the techniques used by the leading bird experts in the industry. No matter what your experience as a taxidermist is, you will benefit from these videos. The instructional videos are by the leading experts in the industry. Jam packed with information on using innovative McKenzie products in a step-by-step process for spectacular results! These videos are a great addition to your taxidermy video library.

  • DVD Premium: Format means chapters, etc. that can be "jumped to" in order to view.

  • DVD: Straight format means a direct replication of the VHS tape, no chapters, etc.

  • Important Note to Our International Customers: Many of our DVD videos are in NTSC (Region 1 - North America) DVD-R / x16 format. These will not play on region-specific players configured with settings other than Region 1. You must have a multi-region player to play our DVDs, or, if you wish to play our DVDs on your computer's DVD-ROM drive, you will need to check your computer manual to see if your drive is non-region specific.

    Windows 10 computers being used to play DVDs may experience compatibility issues, due to an updated structure used in the supplied Windows 10 Media Player. Should this condition occur, we recommend you download an open-source media player (e.g. - As the link is only a single suggestion, you may choose an alternate for a media player as long as it will read .vob files.

To aid you in keeping your knowledge current and complete, we are offering a wide range of How To Instructions and Free Online Videos on our website. Our technical staff is available Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time at 1-800-279-7985 for any question you may have.

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