Whitetail forms have been at the core of McKenzie Supply since the first forms were produced over 40 years ago. In keeping with this tradition, we are excited to introduce our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail forms you buy, the more you save on freight! After becoming a member, you will earn points for every whitetail shoulder form you purchase. Once you have accumulated 10 points, they will be converted to freight dollars and are redeemable towards your freight costs. To make things even better, there are opportunities to earn free freight on orders as well. The complete details of the plan can be viewed below.

How Do I Join?

• You must join by calling us Toll-Free (1-800-279-7985) or emailing our customer service team (taxidermy@mckenzietaxidermy.com). Membership is not automatic.


How do I earn points?

• Once a member, points are earned on a calendar year basis as follows:

• One point is earned for every whitetail shoulder form purchased.

• Each point is worth one freight dollar in the calendar year it is earned. A minimum of 10 points must be earned before points can be converted to freight dollars.

• After accumulating 10 points they will be converted to freight dollars and are redeemable towards the freight cost of your next order (see “How do I use points?” below).

• After your first 10 points have been converted to freight dollars, points will then be converted in $1.00 increments.

• Returns and exchanges will affect this total.

• Points are earned on a calendar year basis and must be used during the year they are earned.

• Rewards may vary each year. Currently, points are redeemable towards freight dollars.


How do I use points?

You will decide when you would like to use your points after earning the first 10. Our system will track your point total which will be reflected on your invoice. You will always know how many points you have. This total will also be available by calling our customer service team.

• If you would like to use your points they will be applied in whole dollar amounts automatically. For example, if you have 10 points and the freight is $9.58; nine freight dollars will be applied, and the balance of .58 will be paid with the same payment method used for merchandise. This example would result in a balance of 1 freight dollar on your account to be applied at a later time.


How do I earn free shipping?

• Once you earn at least ten freight dollars, and the number of whitetail shoulder forms purchased in the current year exceeds the number purchased the prior year, you will receive Free Shipping (up to $100) on your next order.

• All members are also eligible for monthly random drawings for free freight.


Thank you for using McKenzie for your Taxidermy Supply needs!
With our large selection of premium quality whitetail shoulder mannikins and the Whitetail Savings Club we are doing what we can
to help you, our customer, save more!

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