Revolution Accufast Forms and Eyes


IMPORTANT NOTE: All Accufast Eyes and all Accufast forms are mutually inclusive.
You MUST use Accufast Eyes with any Accufast form.
Accufast forms will ONLY accept Accufast Eyes.

The Accufast Eye Setting System is designed for the production taxidermist. Brian Johnson invented the pre-set eye and believes that Accufast is not only faster but has numerous advantages over pre-set eyes. The pre-set eye has one expression-alert. Accufast, since you do use a small roll of clay, allows you to create your desired expression. The Accufast Eye System allows you to tuck your eyelids where you can't with the pre-set. Pre-set eyes tend to move and distort in the manufacturing process giving inconsistent results. Accufast Eyes are "post-set" meaning you get flawless consistency.

Below is the process used to set Accufast Eyes -
an efficient, speedy way to set eyes for the production taxidermist.


Below are examples of the eight different styles of Accufast Eyes -
four each of Medium and Dark.

Medium with No White Band

Medium with White Band front and back

Medium with White Band at back

Medium with White Band at front

Dark with No White Band

Dark with White Band front and back

Dark with White Band at back

Dark with White Band at front

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