Wall Pedestal - "Last Chance"

Last Chance Wall Pedestal & Rubbing Buck/Threatening


We turned our famous Last Chance into a wall pedestal! By custom hanging this mannikin at a bi-angle position, you can turn him into a Rubbing or Aggressive mount, which creates custom artistry. This will surely be the centerpiece of your Whitetail display room, which will make you stand above the competition.

Our premium quality Whitetail glass eyes, including the McKenzie - Joe Meder deer glass eyes, are suitable for commercial and competition mounts.

McKenzie offers several styles of flexible pedestal backs to give your pedestal mount a finished look! We've got a great selection and variety of floor pedestal bases, pre-finished habitat bases and table pedestals that will accent your mount beautifully.

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View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
1691191822½RT32mm$94.65Buy Online
17502320¾27¼RT32mm$98.50Buy Online
1727-TC211924½RT32mm$102.60Buy Online
1747-TC2522½29½RT32mm$108.15Buy Online