Upright - "The Evolution"

Upright - "The Evolution"


If you want to be the “leading edge” taxidermist in your area, Revolution’s “Evolution” will evolve your whitetail business to the next level. Okay, what’s better about this mannikin? We call it the “more” deer. It has “more” style, “more” leg, “more” shoulder, “more” offset and “more” head turn.

Our premium quality Whitetail glass eyes, including the McKenzie - Joe Meder deer glass eyes, are suitable for commercial and competition mounts.

Create a dramatic display with a McKenzie Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials.

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View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
20481817¾21¼RT32mm$113.45Buy Online
20491817¾21¼LT32mm$112.70Buy Online
2050191822¾RT32mm$112.70Buy Online
2051191822¾LT32mm$112.70Buy Online
20522018½23RT32mm$113.45Buy Online
20532018½23LT32mm$113.45Buy Online
20542119½24¾RT32mm$113.45Buy Online
20552119½24¾LT32mm$116.55Buy Online
2056232127½RT32mm$116.55Buy Online
2057232127½LT32mm$116.55Buy Online
205882522½29¾RT32mm$114.50Buy Online
205982522½29¾LT32mm$114.50Buy Online