Thompson 9500 Extreme Sneak Wall Pedestal

Matt Thompson's Extreme Sneak 9500 Series Wall Pedestal


Offer your customers a unique option with this Extreme Sneak Wall Pedestal designed by Matt Thompson. This form has many similar features as the popular 9500 Full Sneak series. This form works especially well for that client that has limited wall space or low ceilings, but looks great hung high as well. We're sure this form will become a customer favorite.

Our premium quality Whitetail glass eyes, including the Joe Meder deer glass eyes, are suitable for commercial & competition mounts.

Create a dramatic display with a Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials. McKenzie offers excellent finishing options, including naugahyde and flexible pedestal backs.

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View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # Neck
95WP-1870LMedium Swell7181720LTM32AS/PR$92.35Buy Online
95WP-1870RMedium Swell7181720RTM32AS/PR$92.35Buy Online
95WP-1970LMedium Swell7191821LTM32AS/PR$95.20Buy Online
95WP-1970RMedium Swell7191821RTM32AS/PR$95.20Buy Online
95WP-2070LMedium Swell7201922LTM32AS/PR$96.60Buy Online
95WP-2070RMedium Swell7201922RTM32AS/PR$96.60Buy Online
95WP-2172LMedium Swell2119½23LTM32AS/PR$99.70Buy Online
95WP-2172RMedium Swell2119½23RTM32AS/PR$99.70Buy Online
95WP-2275LMedium Swell2220½24½LTM32AS/PR$101.45Buy Online
95WP-2275RMedium Swell2220½24½RTM32AS/PR$101.45Buy Online