Semi-Sneak - "The Busted"

Semi-sneak - "The Busted"


The whitetail deer is said to be the sharpest of all game animals. Have you ever been in your tree stand with a deer approaching, the wind is perfect, you’re motionless and all of a sudden he snaps his head up and man, I’m “busted.” This strong offset alert looking deer will please the fussy hunter who loves whitetails.

Our premium quality Whitetail glass eyes, including the McKenzie - Joe Meder deer glass eyes, are suitable for commercial and competition mounts.

Create a dramatic display with a McKenzie Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials.

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  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
1030-TC7⅛1817½21¼LT32mm$86.90Buy Online
1031-TC7⅛1817½21¼RT32mm$86.90Buy Online
1062191822½LT32mm$83.40Buy Online
1063191825½RT32mm$83.40Buy Online
10682018⅝23½LT32mm$84.60Buy Online
10692018⅝23½RT32mm$84.60Buy Online
1108211924½LT32mm$86.45Buy Online
1109211924½RT32mm$86.45Buy Online
1640211924½LT32mm$86.45Buy Online
1641211924¼RT32mm$86.45Buy Online
16582320¾27⅛LT32mm$88.45Buy Online
16592320¾27⅛RT32mm$88.45Buy Online
1666-TC82522½29½LT32mm$95.05Buy Online
1667-TC82522½29½RT32mm$95.05Buy Online