Semi-Sneak Offset - "The Intimidator"

Semi-sneak Offset - "The Intimidator"


When you need a truly huge form to mount a hunter's deer on, this series from Revolution is the way to go! Lively pose, with antlers at a less-high position.

Our premium quality Whitetail glass eyes, including the McKenzie - Joe Meder deer glass eyes, are suitable for commercial and competition mounts.

Create a dramatic display with a McKenzie Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials.

Click the link to take advantage of our Whitetail Savings Club - the more whitetail manikins you buy, the more you save on freight!

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
1002-TC161617½LT30mm$82.80Buy Online
1003-TC161617½RT30mm$82.80Buy Online
1134-TC7⅛1817½21¼LT32mm$86.90Buy Online
1135-TC7⅛1817½21¼RT32mm$86.90Buy Online
RV1142191822½LT32mm$30.75Buy Online
1143191822½RT32mm$83.40Buy Online
10662018⅝23½LT32mm$84.60Buy Online
1102211924½LT32mm$86.45Buy Online
1103211924½RT32mm$86.45Buy Online
2022221925¾LT32mm$103.25Buy Online
2023221925¾RT32mm$103.25Buy Online
2026232027⅛LT32mm$107.05Buy Online
2027232027⅛RT32mm$107.05Buy Online
10672018⅝23½RT32mm$84.60Buy Online
1174211924½LT32mm$86.45Buy Online
1175211924½RT32mm$86.45Buy Online
16442220¼25¾LT32mm$87.30Buy Online
16452220¼25¾RT32mm$87.30Buy Online
16502320¾27⅛LT32mm$88.50Buy Online
16512320¾27⅛RT32mm$88.50Buy Online
S15C-K2220¼25¾LT32mm$92.55Buy Online
S15D-K2220¼25¾RT32mm$92.55Buy Online
11902320¾27⅛LT32mm$88.50Buy Online
11912320¾27⅛RT32mm$88.50Buy Online
ASH17B2420¾27⅛LT32mm$89.25Buy Online
ASH17C2420¾27⅛RT32mm$89.25Buy Online
120682522½29½LT32mm$89.65Buy Online
120782522½29½RT32mm$89.65Buy Online
AS29G-L826½22½31½LT32mm$97.05Buy Online
AS29H-L826½22½31½RT32mm$97.05Buy Online
AS29C-L8⅛282433LT32mm$102.10Buy Online
AS29D-L8⅛282433RT32mm$102.10Buy Online