6TX - Texas Semi-Sneak Wall Pedestal

6TXWP - Texas Semi-Sneak Wall Pedestal Series


Here's the latest series sculpted by Dennis Behn!

• Proportioned for Texas deer

• Nice sweeping turn

• Newly designed neck wrinkles

After our recent introduction of the new Texas whitetail deer by Dennis Behn, now comes the Semi-Sneak Texas Wall Pedestal. This wall pedestal form features a beautiful sweeping turn with finely designed wrinkles that naturally use up any extra skin on the inside turn. The extra skin just disappears!

Our premium quality Whitetail glass eyes, including the Joe Meder deer glass eyes, are suitable for commercial & competition mounts.

Create a dramatic display with a Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials. McKenzie offers excellent finishing options, including naugahyde and flexible pedestal backs.

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View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # ABTurnEye
6TX-6216RWP16RTM30AS/PR15½18$91.60Buy Online
6TX-6216LWP16LTM30AS/PR15½18$91.60Buy Online
6TX-6317RWP17RTM30AS/PR16½19$93.20Buy Online
6TX-6317LWP17LTM30AS/PR16½19$93.20Buy Online
6TX-7018RWP718RTM32AS/PR17½20$95.75Buy Online
6TX-7018LWP718LTM32AS/PR17½20$95.75Buy Online
6TX-7019RWP719RTM32AS/PR1821$97.55Buy Online
6TX-7019LWP719LTM32AS/PR1821$97.55Buy Online
6TX-7118RWP18RTM32AS/PR17½20$95.75Buy Online
6TX-7118LWP18LTM32AS/PR17½20$95.75Buy Online
6TX-7119RWP19RTM32AS/PR1821$97.55Buy Online
6TX-7119LWP19LTM32AS/PR1821$97.55Buy Online
6TX-7220RWP20RTM32AS/PR1922$98.75Buy Online
6TX-7220LWP20LTM32AS/PR1922$98.75Buy Online
6TX-7221RWP21RTM32AS/PR19½23$100.20Buy Online
6TX-7221LWP21LTM32AS/PR19½23$100.20Buy Online
6TX-7222RWP22RTM32AS/PR2024$101.20Buy Online
6TX-7222LWP22LTM32AS/PR2024$101.20Buy Online