Waterfowl Forms - Shane Smith

Bird Forms by Shane Smith


McKenzie has added waterfowl forms by Shane Smith to our ever growing line.

Flying Series: These forms are designed to accommodate a wide range of poses that emulate flight and allow free movement of the wings and legs. The shoulder area has a point to "pin" the flight web in place. This also allows the scapulars to lay flat. The leg attachment implements the use of the full "hip" anatomy enabling free range to tuck the feet or expose them for variable expressions. These uniquely shaped designs require less guess work and minimal fill due to their shape. A deep neck slot allow for free neck movement as well.

Standing Series: The standing design allow the use of the full ball joint on the wing which is important for not only wing placement, but for the freedom to align the side pocket and scapulars. the deeper chest, narrow hips and full leg rotation will allow for more freedom and flexibility. Both series work nicely for hanging bird mounts as well.

It is much easier to see the benefits of these bird mannikins in action than from a still photograph or description. Shane introduces his bird body line and explains some of the features and benefits in our Using Shane Smith Bird Bodies Online Videos.


  Item # SpeciesPoseLCPrice  
SW-1Teal: Green Winged (Med)Flying5 1/47 1/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-5Teal: Green-Winged (lge), Blue-Winged (med), Cinnamon (med)Flying5 13/167 5/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-8Wood Duck (ex-sm), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserStanding6 1/8"8"$13.90Buy Online
SW-12Wood Duck (med), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserStanding6 1/29 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-19Mallard, Black Duck (lge)Flying9 11 7/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-3Bufflehead (med)Flying5 1/28 1/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-4Bufflehead (Med)Standing5 1/28 1/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-7Wood Duck(xsm), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserFlying6 1/88$13.90Buy Online
SW-9Wood Duck (med), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserFlying6 1/29$13.90Buy Online
SW-10Wood Duck (sm), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserStanding6 3/8 9$13.90Buy Online
SW-11Wood Duck (med), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserFlying6 3/410$13.90Buy Online
SW-13Gadwall (med), Mallard (xsm), Wigeon (lge), Mottled Duck (sm)Flying7 3/411$13.90Buy Online
SW-15Ring-Necked (lg), Lesser Scaup (med), Goldeneye (hen), Longtail (med)Flying7 3/811$13.90Buy Online
SW-17Pintail (m/l), Mallard (s/m), Mottled Duck (avg)Flying8 1/410 1/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-21Redhead (med), Greater ScaupFlying8 1/811$13.90Buy Online
SW-22Redhead (med), Greater ScaupStanding8 1/811$13.90Buy Online
SW-23Canvasback (med), Surf Scoter, Black Scoter (med), Redhead (lge)Flying8 1/211 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-25Canvasback, Black Scoter, Surf Scoter, White-Winged Scoter(Hen), White-Winged Scoter(Male)Flying8 3/413 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-2Green-Winged Teal (Med)Standing5 3/87 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-6Teal: Green-Winged (Large), Blue-Winged (med), Cinnamon (med)Standing5 13/168 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-14Gadwall (med), Mallard (sm), Wigeon (lge), Mottled Duck (sm)Standing811$13.90Buy Online
SW-20Mallard, Black Duck (lge)Standing9 12 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-32Wood Duck (Large), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserStanding710 1/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-33Mallard, Black Duck (lge)Flying9 12 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-35Shoveler (Medium)Flying6 1/89 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-36Canvasback (Medium) / Surf Scoter / Redhead / Greater Scaup (Large)Standing8 1/812 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-37Pintail (Medium)Flying8 1/410 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-38Northern Shoveler (Medium)Standing6 5/89 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-39Harlequin (Medium)Flying6 1/89 5/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-40Pintail (Medium)Standing8 1/410 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-41Harlequin (Large)Flying6 1/210 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-42Harlequin (Medium)Standing6 1/89 5/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-43King Eider (Medium - Large)Flying9 1/214 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-44Harlequin (Large)Standing6 1/210 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-45Lesser Scaup (Med), Hooded Merganser (Large), Mandarin (Average), Ring-Necked Duck (Medium), Wigeon (Small), Wood Duck (Large), Flying710 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-46King Eider (Medium)Standing9 1/214 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-47Redhead (Large) /Greater Scaup / Surf Scoter / Canvasback (Medium)Flying8 1/212 1/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-48Green-Winged Teal (Small)Standing5 1/27$13.90Buy Online
SW-49Common Eider (Medium - Large)Flying9 3/416$13.90Buy Online
SW-50Blue-Winged / Cinnamon Teal (Small)Standing5 7/88 3/8$13.90Buy Online
SW-51Bufflehead (Medium-Large) / Ruddy DuckFlying5 3/49$13.90Buy Online
SW-52Common Eider (Medium - Large)Standing9 3/416$13.90Buy Online
SW-53Multi-Purpose - Works on Similar Sized Puddlers / Divers /Small GeeseFlying8 1/211 1/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-54Pacific Common Eider (Large)Standing10 3/817$13.90Buy Online
SW-55Barrows Goldeneye/Black Scoter (Medium - Large)Flying812 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-58Bufflehead (Medium-Large) / Ruddy DuckStanding5 3/49$13.90Buy Online
SW-59Oldsquaw (Medium - Large)Flying7 3/810 3/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-60Oldsquaw (Medium - Large)Standing7 3/810 3/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-61Pacific Common Eider (Large)Flying10 3/817$13.90Buy Online
SW-64Barrows Goldeneye (Medium - Large),Black Scoter (Medium), Surf Scoter (Med-Lrg)Standing812 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-86Common Goldeneye (med), Redhead (small), Greater Scaup (sm-med), Lesser Scaup (Med-Lrg)Standing7 1/211 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-63Common Goldeneye (med), Greater Scaup (Sm-Med), Lesser Scaup (Med-Large), Redhead (Small)Flying11 1/2"7 1/2"$13.90Buy Online
SW-96Common Eider (Medium), Emperor Goose (Med-Avg), White-Fronted Goose (Med-Avg)Standing9 3/415$13.90Buy Online
SW-73Common Eider (Medium), Emperor Goose (Med-Avg), White-Fronted Goose (Med-Avg)Flying9 3/415$13.90Buy Online
SW-98Northern Eider (Med), King Eider (Med), White Winged Scoter (Large), Brant Goose (X-Large), Emperor Goose (Small)Standing/Flying913 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-75King Eider/Northern Eider/Whtie-Winged Scoter, Emperor Goose (Small)Flying913 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-77Teal: Green Winged (Med-Large)Flying5 3/87 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-79Teal: Cinnamon/BlueFlying5 3/48$13.90Buy Online
SW-100Black Belly (Large), Fulvous (Large)Standing7 3/89$13.90Buy Online
SW-16Canvasback (small),Redhead (medium), Greater Scaup (Medium), Surf Scoter (small)Standing7 3/412$13.90Buy Online
SW-104Mallard (med)Standing8 1/4"11"$13.90Buy Online
SW-106Mallard (X-Large)Standing9"13"$13.90Buy Online
SW-108Pintail (Small)Standing8 1/8"10"$13.90Buy Online
SW-110Ring-Necked (Medium), Lesser Scaup (Medium)Standing6 3/4"10"$13.90Buy Online
SW-102Wood Duck (Large), Mandarin, Hooded MerganserStanding710 1/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-81Black Belly, Fulvous - (Large)Flying7 3/89$13.90Buy Online
SW-87Ring-Necked (med), Lesser Scaup (med)Flying7 3/811$13.90Buy Online
SW-85Pintail (small)Flying8 1/811$13.90Buy Online
SW-83Wigeon (Med-Lge)Flying7 1/210 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-202Common Merganser (Medium)Standing10"13"$13.90Buy Online
SW-200Red Breasted Merganser (Medium)Standing8 1/4"10 3/4"$13.90Buy Online
SW-204Tundra Swan (Med-Large)Standing17"23"$22.60Buy Online
SW-205Teal: Green Winged X-SmallFlying5 1/46 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-203Teal: Green Winged X-SmallStanding5 1/46 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-18Blue-Winged / Cinnamon & Green Winged Teal (X-SM)Standing5 7/87 3/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-24Black Belly (Medium), Fulvous (Medium)Standing7 3/88 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-28Sandhill Crane Medium BodyStanding1115$22.60Buy Online
SW-26Sandhill Crane Medium - Large BodyStanding12 3/417 3/4$26.30Buy Online
SW-31Common MerganserFlying1013$13.90Buy Online
SW-93Redbreast MerganserFlying8 1/4 10 3/4$13.90Buy Online
SW-161Common Goldeneye (Large)Flying812$13.90Buy Online
SW-163PintailFlying9 11$13.90Buy Online
SW-160Mallard/BlackStanding9"12 1/2"$13.90Buy Online
SW-116Common Goldeneye (med), Redhead (small), Greater Scaup (sm-med), Lesser Scaup (Med-Lrg)Standing7 1/211 1/2$13.90Buy Online
SW-56Pintail (Large)Standing911$19.30Buy Online