Life-Size Otter Forms


Life-Size Otter forms are offered in popular sizes and characteristic poses. Hollow Black Bubble glass eyes provide the perfect solution for realistic eyes in your Otter mount.

The otter's natural habitat is around water; McKenzie offers realistic looking driftwood, artificial rocks, and pre-finished babitat bases for Otter mount display.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms

  Item # ACDPositionEye
OT-41 1/413 1/222Lying on Belly, RT9mmHB$117.35Buy Online
OT-31 1/813 1/224Lying on Back, RT9mmHB$119.85Buy Online
OT-61 1/41325 1/4Standing Upright, LT9mmHB$117.35Buy Online
OT-11 1/41626Standing on all four feet, RT9mmHB$119.85Buy Online
OT-21 1/22126 1/2Walkin on all fours, LT9mmHB$187.10Buy Online
OT-V11 5/81626 1/2Lying, LT, CM10mmHB$127.45Buy Online
OT-71 5/817 1/427 1/2Swimming, LT, CM9mmHB$187.10Buy Online
OT-51 1/21830Standing Upright, STR9mmHB$135.90Buy Online
OT-V21 3/418 1/233Lying on rock, sharp LT, CM10mmHB$155.95Buy Online
JB3241 1/214 1/224Standing Downhill, Slight LT9mmHBYes$142.45Buy Online
JB3271 1/21528Lying on Back9mmHBYes$142.45Buy Online
WOT31 1/21625Lying Down, LT9mmHBYes$134.05Buy Online
WOT21 1/221 1/229 1/2Walking, CM9mmHBYes$132.80Buy Online
WOT11 3/421 1/233Standing Erect, LT, OM9mmHBYes$132.80Buy Online
OT-81 1/218 1/427 3/4Swimming, RT9mmHB$131.05Buy Online
OT-91 1/218 3/431 1/2Swimming, Flipping, LT9mmHB$139.05Buy Online
OT-101 3/81825Swimming, LT CM9mmHB$119.65Buy Online