Life-Size Otter Forms

Life-Size Otter forms are offered in popular sizes and characteristic poses. Their natural habitat is around water, McKenzie offers realistic looking driftwood, artificial rocks, and pre-finished babitat bases for Otter mount display.

  Item # ACDPositionEye
OT-41 1/413 1/222Lying on Belly, RT9mmHB$117.35Buy Online
OT-31 1/813 1/224Lying on Back, RT9mmHB$119.85Buy Online
OT-61 1/41325 1/4Standing Upright, LT9mmHB$117.35Buy Online
OT-11 1/41626Standing on all four feet, RT9mmHB$119.85Buy Online
OT-21 1/22126 1/2Walkin on all fours, LT9mmHB$187.10Buy Online
OT-V11 5/81626 1/2Lying, LT, CM10mmHB$127.45Buy Online
OT-71 5/817 1/427 1/2Swimming, LT, CM9mmHB$187.10Buy Online
OT-51 1/21830Standing Upright, STR9mmHB$135.90Buy Online
OT-V21 3/418 1/233Lying on rock, sharp LT, CM10mmHB$155.95Buy Online
JB3241 1/214 1/224Standing Downhill, Slight LT9mmHBYes$142.45Buy Online
JB3271 1/21528Lying on Back9mmHBYes$142.45Buy Online
WOT31 1/21625Lying Down, LT9mmHBYes$134.05Buy Online
WOT21 1/221 1/229 1/2Walking, CM9mmHBYes$132.80Buy Online
WOT11 3/421 1/233Standing Erect, LT, OM9mmHBYes$132.80Buy Online
OT-81 1/218 1/427 3/4Swimming, RT9mmHB$131.05Buy Online
OT-91 1/218 3/431 1/2Swimming, Flipping, LT9mmHB$139.05Buy Online
OT-101 3/81825Swimming, LT CM9mmHB$119.65Buy Online