How to Use Krowtann


Note: For optimum results, follow the directions carefully. All measurements are volume measurements Always shake up Krowtann before each use. We suggest that you try Krowtann 2000 on a scrap skin first.

Directions for use:

Use only in a plastic container.

Wear eye and hand protection.

Use in a well ventilated area.

If the skin is extra large and seems "crowded" use 25 to 30 percent more of each of the ingredients.


  1. Rough flesh the skin, turning the lips, nose, ears, and eyes. Wash bloody and dirty skins before putting them in the tan. Degrease oily skins by your normal method before going on to step 2. Thoroughly wash the degreaser out of the skin before putting it in the tan.

  2. Mix up the prescribed amount of tan, salt and water and submerge the skin, skin side out, and weigh it down with a water filled milk jug. Keep a lid on your container.

  3. Leave the skin in the tan for 3 to 4 days, each day lift the skin out of the tan, and return it to the tan in a new position to insure that the tan is reaching all parts of the skin. Do not stir the skin while in the tan.

  4. Pull the skin out of the tan and wash the skin in clear water for a few minutes.

  5. In a separate bucket, add the appropriate amount of water and sodium bicarbonate per chart below. Submerge the skin with a water filled milk jug and leave the skin in this mixture for 15 minutes. Agitate the skin occasionally. Extra large skins will require more of the mixture.

  6. Wash the skin, hair side out, in Liquid Tide and rinse well in clear water. Then let it drip dry for 2 hours with the hair out.

  7. Do your final fleshing at this time. If the skin is not soft and stretchy at this point, re-neutralize the hide in a fresh batch of sodium bicarbonate and water (step 5) for 5 minutes.

  8. (optional) Shampoo your skin at this time.

  9. The skin is now ready to mount or can be frozen to mount at a later date.

  10. Slowly add sodium bicarbonate to the tanning mixture until a pH of 7 is obtained before disposing of it.




  • The skin is not soft or stretchy - you have either not neutralized the skin long enough or have not fleshed the skin thin enough.

  • The hair is slipping - you probably had a bad skin to start with or you have over neutralized the skin. Using Krowtann, slipping should not be a problem.

  • There is not enough stretch - apply McKenzie Leather Oil to the skin. Let is set, skin to skin, for 1 to 2 hours before mounting or freezing. Don't apply to the face.

  • Hair in the fox's tail is slipping - either split the tail out all the way or insert a cotton string all the way through the tail skin to act as a wick.



Commonly Asked Questions:


  1. Does it hurt to leave the skin in the tan longer than 4 days?


  2. Can you over tan a skin?

    No, the skin will only soak up as much tan as it needs. You could put a squirrel in the amount for an elk and it would be fine.

  3. Can I use rock salt or cattle salt?

    Rock salt - No. Cattle salt - it depends; it must be only pure fine grain salt without any additives (eg. non-iodized).

  4. Does temperature affect the tan?

    No, but if left in a cold environment, let is stay in the tan longer than normal.

  5. What do I do if my skin is already salted?

    You must re-hydrate your skin before putting it into Krowtann.

  6. What if I can't get all my final fleshing done before I go home for the day?

    Just bag it up in a plastic bag and refrigerate it.

  7. How long has Krowtann been around?

    It was originally invented over 20 years ago. The original formula has been tweaked a little but is basically the same.

  8. How is Krowtann "Special Whitetail Formula" different than Krowtann 2000?

    The Whitetail formula was formulated to give big game more stretch and to make fleshing even easier.

  9. How can I tell if my skin is tanned?

    It should be white when it is tanned.

  10. Can I use baking soda instead of sodium bicarbonate?

    Yes, but use twice the prescribed amount.

    If the directions are followed correctly, your skin should feel like a wet dish towel and have as much or more stretch than a green skin. However, due to this product being used in conditions beyond our control, we make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

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