Hendricks Bobcat System


All Bobcat poses and changeout heads are offered with 5 head choices:
PURE male, PURE female, "Easy-Set" snarling,
"Easy-Set" closed mouth and Conventional closed mouth

The biggest breakthrough in Bobcat forms since the foam manikin!

McKenzie now offers innovative PURE male and female bobcat head options from Brian Hendricks! With a full range of sizes featuring ear canal reference points and anatomically correct bone locators, these PURE heads facilitate accurate ear positioning, eye setting, and offer 10 skull reference points for ease of use with calipers. Combined with many poses available in a large variety of size options, this comprehensive line of bobcat forms provides taxidermists with versatile choices to create mounts representing natural animal expressions. Glass eyes, ear liners and bases are sold separately.

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Mount by Brian Hendricks

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