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Bobcat Mounting A to Z DVD with Jan Van Hoesen

Length: 2 Hour

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From skinning to finishing--from A to Z--all of World Champion mammal taxidermist Jan Van Hoesen's award-winning taxidermy techniques are revealed for the first time in this comprehensive video. Jan Van Hoesen of Rogers City, Michigan is the only person to ever win a World Champion title with a bobcat mount, and it shows! Jan demonstrates the complete procedure, including field care and measurements, incision placement, mannikin selection, skinning, fleshing, salting, final skin preparation, mannikin preparation, earliners, earbutts, eye setting, hide paste, mounting, sewing, grooming, drying and finishing, as well as Jan's tips for handling whiskers, nose pads, eye expression, toes and claws. Recorded in the WASCO Studio.

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