Bighorn Sheep

Life-Size Bighorn Sheep Forms


McKenzie offers life-size and half life-size Bighorn Sheep forms in popular sizes and poses. Van Dyke's premium quality Sheep glass eyes are an excellent choice for commercial and competition mounts.

Display your trophy mount on a McKenzie artificial rock base accented with realistic habitat materials. Rock Panels are extremely realistic and cost effective for creating your own rock habitat for Sheep forms posed uphill or downhill.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms

Mount by Marcus Zimmerman

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
RM360Yes818 1/24560Laying Down, RT36mmBH$821.50Buy Online
BH272LSYes8 1/4194961Walking Downhill, RT36mmBH$782.95Buy Online
RM362Yes8 1/4184862Walking Downhill, RT36mmBH$821.50Buy Online
BH102LSYes8 1/4194862Standing Downhill, RT36mmBH$750.15Buy Online
BH212LSYes8 1/4194862&Running. Slight RT36mmBHYes$786.05Buy Online
BH252LSYes8 1/4194862Laying Down, RT36mmBH$786.05Buy Online
BH152LSYes8 1/4194864Walking Uphill, RT36mmBH$750.15Buy Online
BH221LSYes8 1/4194964 1/2Standing Uphill, LT36mmBH$786.05Buy Online
RM366Yes8 1/4225066Fighting on knees, LT36mmBHYes$821.50Buy Online
BH201LSYes8 1/4195966Standing Uphill, LT36mmBH$750.15Buy Online
BH202LSYes8 1/4194966Standing Uphill, RT36mmBHYes$750.15Buy Online
BH302LSYes9225372Standing Uphill, RT36mmBH$967.20Buy Online
  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
BH-1Yes7 1/2184555Running Downhill on 1 Leg, LT32mmBH$825.55Buy Online