Bighorn - Desert Sheep

Bighorn & Desert Bighorn Sheep - North American Gameheads


Bighorn Sheep gameheads are offered by some of the most talented and knowledgeable taxidermist/sculptors in the industry. These Bighorn Sheep and Desert Bighorn Sheep are available in popular sizes and feature outstanding anatomical accuracy.

Our premium quality Sheep glass eyes are ideal for commercial and competition Sheep mounts.

Wall Habitat® - the "Hottest" innovation in the taxidermy industry, adds interest and dimension to your mounts. McKenzie offers naugahyde and flexible pedestal backs to give your mount a finished look! Choose from pedestal bases and pedestal backs, panels, floor pedestal bases, pre-finished habitat bases and table pedestals to accent your mount! Many of the pre-finished habitat scenes and pedestal rocks are suitable bases for pedestal mounts.

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Mount by Marcus Zimmerman

  Item # Add'l
BH-3331Bighorn Sheep818Semi-Sneak, RT34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
BH-3332Bighorn Sheep818Semi-Sneak, LT34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
BH-1330Bighorn Sheep818Upright, STR34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
BH-3443Bighorn Sheep8 1/419Semi-Sneak, Off-set, RT34nnBH $103.00Buy Online
BH-3444Bighorn Sheep8 1/419Semi-Sneak, Off-Set, LT34mmBH $103.00Buy Online
DB-7321Desert Bighorn Sheep817Semi-Sneak, RT34mmBH $100.75Buy Online
DB-7320Desert Bighorn Sheep817Semi-Sneak, STR34mmBH $100.75Buy Online
BH101Bighorn Sheep8 1/419Upright Alert, LT32mmBH $92.35Buy Online
BH102Bighorn Sheep8 1419Upright Alert, RT32mmBH $92.35Buy Online
BH200Bighorn Sheep8 1/222Upright Alert, STR34mmBH $100.00Buy Online
BH201Bighorn Sheep8 1/222Upright Alert, LT34mmBH $100.00Buy Online
BH202Bighorn Sheep8 1/222Upright Alert, RT34mmBH $100.00Buy Online
BHE100Bighorn Sheep Ewe7 1/214Upright Alert, STR30mmBH $88.80Buy Online
DB201Desert Bighorn Sheep7 3/418Upright Alert, LT32mmBH $92.35Buy Online
DBH-1Desert Bighorn Sheep7 1/216Upright, RT34mmBH $103.70Buy Online
DBH-2Desert Bighorn Sheep7 1/216Upright, STR34mmBH $103.70Buy Online
DBH-3Desert Bighorn Sheep7 1/217Upright, RT34mmBH $103.70Buy Online
DBH-4Desert Bighorn Sheep7 1/216 1/2Upright, Slight LT34mmBH $103.70Buy Online
LBH-1Bighorn Sheep7 7/818 3/4Upright, LT34mmBH $103.70Buy Online
RBH-1Bighorn Sheep818 1/2Upright, RT34mmBH $103.70Buy Online
WJB115Bighorn Sheep7 1/216 1/2Upright, STR34mmBHYes $93.75Buy Online
WJB100Bighorn Sheep820Upright, RT34mmBHYes $97.60Buy Online
WJB101Bighorn Sheep820Upright, STR34mmBHYes $97.60Buy Online
DB-7322Desert Bighorn Sheep817Semi-Sneak, LT34mmBH $100.75Buy Online
DS-7516SDesert Sheep7 1/216Semi-Upright, Str34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
DS-7516LDesert Sheep7 1/216Semi-Upright, LT34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
DS-7516RDesert Sheep7 1/216Semi-Upright, RT34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
DS-7516FPLDesert Sheep Floor Pedestal7 1/216Semi-Upright, LT34mmBH $105.30Buy Online
DS-7516FPRDesert Sheep Floor Pedestal7 1/216Semi-Upright, RT34mmBH $105.30Buy Online
DS-7516WPLDesert Sheep Wall Pedestal7 1/216Semi-Upright, WP, LT34mmBH $105.30Buy Online
DS-7516WPRDesert Sheep Wall Pedestal7 1/216Semi-Upright, WP, RT34mmBH $105.30Buy Online
DSS-7516LDesert Sheep Full Sneak7 1/216Semi-Upright, Full Sneak,LT34mmBH $101.60Buy Online
DSS-7516RDesert Sheep Full Sneak7 1/216Semi-Upright, Full Sneak,RT34mmBH $101.60Buy Online