How To Use Antler in Velvet Tan


This is a fast acting tanning solution specifically designed to set and tan velvet on antlers. Note: (Very important) If antlers are frozen, make sure to thaw out completely before proceeding. If skin is dried to antler, skip steps #1 and #2 and wet velvet with water before applying Antler in Velvet Tan.


      1. If horns are soft, puncture the tips of the antlers with a large needle.

      2. Inject Antler in Velvet Tan in vein channels around base of horn. Keep injecting until all the blood is completely pumped out of the tips and clear fluid is visible.

      3. Paint on a heavy coat of Antler in Velvet Tan and hang to dry for 4 days. Then rinse off residue in cool water and hang until dry. The velvet can be fluffed with a hair dryer or air compressor and soft brush.

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