Van Dyke's Eyes - Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo Glass Eyes - Van Dyke's Series

McKenzie Taxidermy offers the largest selection of quality glass eyes for Cape Buffalo mounts in the industry. Sold per pair.

Natural Eyes™: Van Dyke's Natural Eyes™ feature a forward look lens, soft marbleized coloration and a white scleral band which contains realistic red veining at the corners of each eye the true natural appearance come through.

Bio-Optix II Series: The Bio-Optix II series glass eyes are premium quality aspheric shaped eyes featuring marbleizd veining blended in natural, realistic coloration with a white scleral band.

Pre-Rotated Series: Aspheric lens with marbleized veining blended to realistic colorations. A white scleral band encompasses 3/4 of the eye.

AFE Series: Premium quality concave/convex lens with detailed veining and precise coloration. This eye is suitable for competition or commercial taxidermy mounts.

Mount by Animal Artistry