Reptile Reproductions

Reproduction Reptiles by McKenzie


Whether it's alligators, snakes, amphibians or turtles, McKenzie is sure to have what you need by way of Reptile Reproductions. Sometimes, there isn't enough room for a full life-size alligator mount. Consider using a McKenzie Alligator Back-Shell and mount the head for an unusual display your customer will always be proud of! These unique forms are available in flat, elevated and wall mount (shoulder) poses.

We have an incredible variety of replica reptile heads and life-size bodies by Joe Morgan! His expertise really shows in all of his products - they all look like they are literally alive! Use these exciting replicas in habitat scenes, in schools and in zoos for identification.

Consider McKenzie's excellent selection of habitat! Not only habitat material, but artificial wood and artificial rocks which can serve as a base for your replica or as an exciting backdrop for your mount.